Posted: April 05th 2018


We recognise that recruitment and retention are key issues which challenge the delivery of health and care services in rural areas.

The national centre had just begun a piece of work in partnership with the Business School at the University of Birmingham, inspired by the NHS Workforce Consultation – looking at the rural context for the 5 key themes underlying the workforce challenges facing the NHS. 

  1. Attracting and recruiting into the workforce
  2. Improving retention
  3. How to improve professional development
  4. The role of regulation
  5. Ensuring effective workforce planning

This will involve a detailed international literature review, rural workforce and demography projections, focus group and practitioner interviews. It will lead to the practical development of a toolkit setting out examples of good practice which can be rolled out and replicated in rural settings across England and wider. 

The centre is currently working with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Rural Services to support the development of a workforce perspective on the challenges facing the provision of adult social care in rural settings and is in liaison with the APPG on Rural Health and Social Care on a wider enquiry into rural health and care.

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