Posted: May 18th 2018


We believe that there is a real gap in the amount of research undertaken in the context of rural health and care inequalities.

We are delighted that the University of Lincoln has agreed to fund a Professor of Rural Health and Care based within the Centre. We have established links with a number of HE organisations and specialist agencies engaged in rural health and social care research. We are currently working actively with a number of partners on a series of linked research proposals to the NIHR call for Rural Research which has a deadline of July 2018.

Rural health care - a rapid review of the impact of rurality on the costs of delivering health care

The Nuffield Trust was commissioned by the National Centre for Rural Health and Care to explore the impact of rurality and sparsity on the costs of delivering health care.  

This report evidences the additional costs in rural areas including: staff recruitment, retention and costs; higher travel costs; increased fixed costs associated with providing services within safe staffing guidelines; and difficulties in realising economies of scale when delivering services in sparsely population rural areas.

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