UK Covid infections lowest since mid-December

Posted: May 16th 2022


Are things coming to an end finally or is this another false dawn? – there have been a significant number of innovations around telemedicine and service planning which I hope will be the lasting legacy of this pandemic for rural areas.  Lots more reflections in the write up of our Parliamentary Inquiry.

Covid infections continue to decrease in the UK with around one in 45 or just over two in every 100 people thought to be infected.

The estimates - from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) - show levels of the virus are at the lowest since mid-December.

It means around 1.48m people would have tested positive in the week to 7 May.

The figures are an estimate, based on testing thousands of people at random in households across the UK.

They provide the most accurate picture of Covid infection since free testing for the public came to an end in England and Scotland. Some free testing will continue in Wales and Northern Ireland until the end of June.

Sarah Crofts, head of analytical outputs for the ONS Covid Infection Survey, said: "It is encouraging to see infections continue to decrease across the UK."

The ONS research found:

One in 45 people in England has Covid (down from one in 35 the previous week)

One in 35 in Wales has Covid (down from one in 25)

One in 55 in Northern Ireland has Covid (down from one in 40)

One in 35 in Scotland has Covid (down from one in 30)