Social care: Demand pushes unpaid carers ‘to the brink’

Posted: December 13th 2021


A familiar ring to this story even though it is filtered through the lens of Wales! It tells us:

Carers have been "pushed to the brink" during the pandemic, according Beth Evans, a policy manager at Carers Wales.

The charity's research in June showed 72% of carers had reported exhaustion from the additional care responsibilities they had taken on.

"It's really demoralising - services haven't fully reopened after the pandemic for carers with quite intense caring responsibilities," she said.

"To add additional responsibilities on to them, when they really are at breaking point, without adequate support, is really unfair."

Cardiff and Vale's plea for family support comes as no surprise to the charity.

"It's a desperate situation, I completely understand why they're asking. But they need to make sure that those families and those carers get the adequate support and equipment that they need to care safely and look after their own health.

"Otherwise, what will happen, is that the health and social care services will end up with two patients instead of one. Nobody wants that."

Health Minister Eluned Morgan said people in social care had done an "incredible job", but there was a shortage of social care workers, prompting health boards to ask relatives to fill in.

"We have put extra packages in place for unpaid carers and additional significant funding in place as we go into the winter months," she added.