PM must overhaul social care as level of unmet need astonishing, say charities

Posted: September 20th 2022


I suspect, viewed through a rural lens, we will find that a significant (albeit one person is significant in the context of this story) of the people concerned here will be rural dwellers. The story tells us:

The new prime minister must “turn the page” on social care to transform it amid an “astonishing” level of unmet need, charities have warned.

The Care and Support Alliance (CSA), which represents more than 60 charities, is calling on the next Conservative Party leader to act fast, with research suggesting one in eight older people is going without the social care they need.

Liz Truss has repeatedly promised to reverse the rise in National Insurance that was introduced as part of the government plan to fund the NHS and social care.

Analysis by Age UK has found around 12 per cent of people over 50 in England are not getting the help they need with activities such as washing, dressing, eating and getting in or out of bed.

Extrapolating this to England’s population, it suggests around 2.6 million older adults have some unmet need for social care.