Nursery closures: Parents left without childcare as providers shut

Posted: August 15th 2022


We know in rural settings there are already significant shortages of nursery places. We also know that early years provision plays a major role in social mobility and health and care so this story, which has deep roots but also presages more problems in the troubled up coming winter is a worrying indicator of things to come….

Parents are being left without childcare as nurseries shut at short notice due to financial pressures and staff shortages.

The Pregnant Then Screwed campaign group said it had been "inundated" with messages from parents whose local nursery had closed suddenly.

Nurseries are facing increased energy, food and staffing costs, as well as struggling to recruit.

The government said it was increasing funding paid to childcare providers.

But the Early Years Alliance, which represents around 14,000 providers and also has its own nurseries, said the sector was facing its worst crisis in recruitment and cost increases in 20 years.