November 2020 News

Posted: November 23rd 2020


Plenty of notables this month:

Great Parliamentary Inquiry Session - covering the whole globe, with speakers from New Zealand to the USA earlier this month. Members can learn more and come along to the final session we have planned in December if you email us.

Rural Proofing Health Toolkit – this is being launched on 9 December – it has its origins in some really insightful work by Brian Wilson of Rural England and Billy Palmer of Nuffield Trust. There are great opportunities for members to access it and a package of support to implement it.

Covid Dashboard – this initiative, which is a joint endeavour between the National Centre and Nuffield Trust will be launched soon. It will help you understand the broader impact of the pandemic on health inequalities and outcomes in your area.

Membership Benefits Review – we have been reviewing the benefits linked to our joint membership scheme. We would love to know more about your thoughts in that regard. You can email us to let us know if there is anything you would like as an RHCA member. Covering all aspects of membership we now have approaching 200 organisations in membership.

Research – the partnership between the National Centre and the Institute of Rural Health at the University of Lincoln is gathering pace. We have committed to work together to look at the impact of the English Indices of Deprivation on health and care policy, to review the key workforce challenges which the centre is aware of and to progress our joint input into the national pilot Centre for Future Living on the Lincolnshire Coast in Mablethorpe.