NHS pressures: Staff leave social care for more money

Posted: January 23rd 2023


The challenges facing the rural social care workforce are powerfully set out in this article which tells us:

Leaving social care to become a lorry driver gave one worker a £10,000 pay rise overnight.

Dan White, 40, had loved his job supporting vulnerable adults, while partner Yoana Peacock worked in operating theatres for the NHS.

But they have both left their jobs for better pay elsewhere.

NHS workers have been striking across Wales and the UK as they seek better wages and working conditions, with more action to come.

People leaving the profession is just one reason why there were 1,800 patients medically well enough to leave hospital earlier this month, but could not be discharged because there were no staff to care for them in the community.

Recent figures also showed all-time record highs in December for ambulance response, discharge from hospital, and handover of patients to A&E times.