NHS in bleak position as A&E waits worsen, say doctors

Posted: October 18th 2021


I feel a wave of crisis and discontent spreading over the NHS again. I really do wonder why we cant find some long term solutions to these issues bearing in mind our manifest capabilities as a global community. Many of those worst affected by A&E deficiencies are rural dwellers and this story tells us:

A&E waits have sunk to their worst levels in England since the four-hour target started, with doctors warning the situation is bleak ahead of winter.

A quarter of patients waited more than four hours for treatment in September - with even longer waits being recorded elsewhere in the UK.

It comes as ministers and GPs clashed over demands that practices see more patients face-to-face.

The government has handed GP practices £250m to take on temporary staff.

But the British Medical Association said they were "hugely dismayed" with the plan, saying it would not solve the problems.