News September 2021

Posted: September 27th 2021


Last month has saw a number of noteworthy developments including:

Community of Practice – We are really pleased that the NHS Confed have now recruited to the role which will lead the partnership relationship in the context of the rural community of practice we are planning with them. A programme of meetings will be released shortly. If you have any ideas for themes you would like to include in the community of practice programme please let us know.

Rural Generalists – on 27 September we are meeting the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine to compare notes. This is exciting stuff and I am optimistic we will both learn lots from them and create a positive long term prospect for international collaboration. Many thanks to HEE for supporting this stream of work.

Rural Proofing Toolkit – We are in advanced discussions with colleagues in Northern Ireland about the roll out of the toolkit with them and our partners Rural Community Network. It will be great to link this interest in with the key players in Devon, Lincolnshire, Shropshire and Suffolk who have also expressed an interest in piloting the toolkit.

Parliamentary Inquiry – we have been slightly delayed in pulling together the outputs from this work. It is still on target for a final launch in late autumn but that is likely to be November 2021.

Campus for Future Living – this initiative which is to be a national exemplar for training, meditech development and multi-agency working picked up a reference in the CMO’s annual report. It has now also had funding confirmed and will be up an running around 18 months from now. It has a dedicated project manager and a clear agenda leading to its opening in 2022. If you’d like to know more please drop me an email.