News October 2021

Posted: October 18th 2021


Parliamentary Inquiry – We are targeting the publication of the document before the end of November. We are now in the ground rush and anticipate a detailed Parliamentary briefing as a precursor on 8 November.

Rural Proofing Toolkit – We are keen to get something rolling in the next 8 weeks and are thrilled to have opened up a dialogue with health colleagues in Northern Ireland who are actively considering joining in.

Australian College of Rural Health and Remote Medicine – We have begun a detailed dialogue with the internationally renowned college – working with HEE we have identified a number of key learning points and hammered out a strong basis for ongoing collaboration and liaison.

Campus for Future Living – We are pleased to announce that a project manager has now been appointed for this nationally significant project which will throw a powerful spotlight on the opportunities for enhanced multi-agency working in coastal settings, responding to a number of the key issues identified in the CMOs landmark 2021 Annual report focusing on coasts.