News November 2021

Posted: November 21st 2021


Parliamentary Inquiry

We are just checking the draft report with witnesses but anticipate that we will launch the full document in January, taking account of the Christmas break in Parliament. We are thrilled with progress. A number of key partners including the Rural Services Network and Rural Coalition have agreed to put their weight behind driving its recommendations home as strongly as possible.

Rural Proofing Toolkit

There is growing interest in this facility in partners in Northern Ireland. We held a briefing session on Friday 19th November which was well attended and garnered really strong enthusiasm for engaging with the process of rolling the toolkit out in their area and joining the learning set we are working on. Just goes to show we strong the universal principles we have built into the toolkit are bearing in mind it was designed for an English context.

Social Value

We have found an increasingly strong interest amongst members in relation to social value. Over the next few months we hope to be able to produce a deal providing interested parties within our membership with low cost access to an accredited online tool.