News May 2020

Posted: May 11th 2020


Parliamentary Inquiry

We are going virtual. The first of our new sessions will be online on 28 May and the theme will be technology. We would welcome any thoughts about people to invite as the audience, we hope to have witnesses from: NICE, AHSN network, Airedale Trust, a University and at least one private sector provider.

Rural Proofing Toolkit

We are making really good progress with this. We now have draft text for most sections. If you would like to see a draft let me know. We’re currently collating case studies for each section.

Rural Coalition Government Lobbying

We have been working with the Rural Coalition to raise the importance of applying a rural lens to the lifting of lock down with the NHS. This has led to a meeting with Defra and if you would like to learn more please let me know.

New Members

We have been joined by recently by Isle of Wight NHS Trust and North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust. Welcome to both!!!