News June 2022

Posted: June 20th 2022


The National Centre has been busy over the last months. 

Parliamentary Inquiry

Preparations are now underway for a second push in the context of the dissemination of the key findings from the Parliamentary Inquiry. We anticipate a major push around key themes in the autumn in preparation for the return of Parliament after the summer recess.


Following a detailed meeting with David Hill Director General Rural and Marine a detailed dialogue around the following themes is in place: rural evidence in the context of health, the roll out of the rural proofing for health toolkit, our work to promote rural workforce planning particularly in relation to primary care. We will keep members appraised of the outcomes of these discussions.

Core Planning on Key Themes

We continue to pursue, and you would be very welcome to join any of the four strands a core agenda for 2022/3 around:

1) Piloting of the National Centre for Rural Health and Care Toolkit (PI recommendation 4)  

2) Developing a curated network for innovative primary care centres which are community focused (PI recommendation 12) 

3) Creating a knowledge exchange of good practice and problem solving focused on the rural challenges associated with the interface between health and care (PI recommendation 10 and 11) 

4. Creating a rural mental health network (PI cross cutting) 

Rural Mental Health

We have been actively networking with the other 3 UK nations in the context of rural mental health and are currently planning a joint work programme to further our areas of mutual interest.