News July 2020

Posted: July 20th 2020


This month we’ve been, as always, busy! Here are just four examples of what we have been up to:

Parliamentary Inquiry - We have completed two sessions on: coastal issues and on housing. The minutes from both sessions are being checked by witnesses for accuracy and will be available on the National Centre website within the next week or so. The next sessions are on mental health and adult social care on 25 August. If you would like to know more or attend let us know.

The Challenge of Distance – We have approaching 100 delegates for our seminar on the impact of covid-19 in rural settings. It is being chaired by our new eminent board member Sian Gris who has significant expertise in the coronavirus having worked on the Hong Kong Government response to SARS. We have speakers from Nuffield Trust, Airedale NHS Trust, The Campus for Future Living and Support in Mind Scotland. The event is on 23 July and you can still book a place if you move fast!

Rural Proofing Toolkit – this is coming together nicely and we can provide access to key aspects of it for those interested to know more and perhaps help critique where we are so far.

Campus for Future Living – this is about the development of a tech enabled, community facing health hub with a difference. We are engaging with HEE, the Centre for Ageing Better and the Medical Technology and Innovation Faculty at Nottingham Trent University to plan an exciting new departure in bringing together health and social care through innovation in a remote coastal setting. This initiative has been stimulated by the Towns Funds and could lead to some ground breaking outcomes for one of the most deprived rural settings in the UK.