News January 2022

Posted: January 17th 2022


The Parliamentary Inquiry report is now to be launched on 1 February 2022 at 11 am. The full report has been completed, including detailed checking for accuracy with all witnesses. A copy has been shared with Board members. In parallel with this report a smaller personal summary of the issues has been produced by Professor Richard Parish. This is currently being typeset in a common presentational format. 

Rural Proofing Toolkit

The plans to launch this toolkit have been negatively impacted by covid. Both the England wide action learning set and the Northern Ireland consortia development are planned to kick into action nonetheless in the spring.

Links with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine 

The National Centre facilitated a discussion, on behalf of HEE, led by Dr Wynn Jones, with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine on 27 September 2021. This was a very successful introductory exercise more work is now required to identify how best to progress the opportunities in 2022.

Community of Practice and MoU with the NHS Confed

Progress with this initiative is beginning to move forward. Professor Richard Parish has been able to meet with Matthew Taylor the new CEO of the organisation. Post the Parliamentary Launch we will look to re-engage in more detail about examining the likely scale of interest in the proposed community of practice. 

CMO Coastal Report

There are very strong resonances between this report and the mission of the National Centre and it is important that we ensure we take the opportunity to engage directly over it as a means of spreading our influence appropriately. One good way of starting this process could be to begin by looking to hold (perhaps connected to the community of practice with the NHS Confed) a seminar with interested practitioners.