News January 2021

Posted: January 18th 2021


Rural Proofing for Health Toolkit

Have a look at the toolkit on our website – its full of potential and we are pulling together a network of organisations interested in some action research to test it out. We are doing this with a network of ACRE Network members called Cirican which cover many counties across Rural England. If you would like to know more drop me an email.


English Indices of Deprivation

University of East Anglia have produced an updated data set which incorporates some refinements at an England wide level to make this crucial data set more sympathetic to rural health inequalities. I think it’s a game changer. For more information please get in touch.


Relationship with NHS Confed

Over the next month we will be preparing an action plan to put some wheels under the MoU we signed with the NHS Confed. This will involve some joint seminars and working together on key activities linked to the challenge of rural health inequalities and the opportunities to exit in a more positive form from the impact of the pandemic in rural areas in the summer.


Recruitment and Retention

Have a look at this fabulous web campaign developed in Lincolnshire – my home county. I think it is inspirational and I can provide more information if you are interested in its history. 


Parliamentary Inquiry Home Straight

We have our final session on 21 January and then from there we begin the write up of two years hard graft! Keep your eyes peeled for the outcome in the early autumn.


Achievements in 2020

We have completed an impact card on the achievements of the National Centre over the last year and we will be sharing a copy of the information with you by a separate email soon.