News February 2021

Posted: February 16th 2021


Rural Health and Care Proofing Toolkit – we are now canvassing local health systems to work with us on piloting this facility. We have active discussions in play in Lancashire, Devon, Leicestershire, Suffolk, Surrey and Norfolk. For more information email me at 

AGM 2020/21 – We held our AGM on 3 February 2021. We have an impact card setting out the achievements of the National Centre this year and you can read them on the National Centre Website. Highlights are:

  • The recruitment of Professor Sian Griffiths to the Board
  • The completion of more Parliamentary Inquiry sessions taking the total achieved to 13
  • A membership at its widest point (including RSN members eligible for joint benefits) of 181
  • An ongoing action research programme involving: University of Exeter (Dispensing Doctors Association), Wye Valley NHS Trust and Nuffield Trust
  • Completion of two toolkits for members and wider practitioners on rural proofing and the impact of Covid
  • 5 seminars organised
  • Formal partnership arrangements in train with: Lincoln International Institute for Rural Health, NHS Confederation, Rural Services Network and ongoing discussions with the National Rural Health Association in the USA
  • Major exposure on rural proofing in Sunday Telegraph and the BBC in relation to the impact of Covid in Rural Areas 

Reorganisation of the NHS – this is not down to us! If you read the White Paper though don’t hold your breath looking our for references to “rural”. We have featured a couple of articles in this month’s Casebook about the process. Over the next few weeks we’ll be gathering views and comments and organising our response. We’d be fascinated to hear your views. Please email: 

Partnership Bid – We’ve submitted a bid with partners in Lincolnshire in partnership with the Remote and Rural Healthcare Education Alliance in Scotland for Health Foundation funding to look at links between health and economic development. We’ll keep you posted on progress!