News April 2022

Posted: April 26th 2022


Casebook has been delayed slightly by Easter, however we continue to make an impact in a number of areas.

Defra – we have a meeting coming up to discuss our Parliamentary Inquiry findings with a senior civil service team in Defra.

4 Key Priorities – our four key priorities for 2022/23 have now received a green light of support from NHSE&I and we are now planning to move forward with: the rural proofing toolkit, a primary care network, a rural mental health agenda and some really interesting considerations around the theme of the interface between health and social care

Northern Ireland Interest – we have received funding from the health system in Northern Ireland to support the customising of the Rural Proofing Toolkit in a very interesting new development.

Campus for Future Living – the innovative deep rural medtech and longitudinal research centre we have helped developed as a concept in Mablethorpe has now been provisionally agreed at a funding level of £8 million and we will have a key role in planning how it moves forward. Watch this space!!

NHS Confed – we are still in the process of actively exploring with the NHS Confed how we might develop access to a package of joint membership benefits. More to follow in future editions of Casebook.