More than a third of UK workers ‘risk health in low-quality jobs’

Posted: February 11th 2020


This article tells us more than a third of workers in Britain (many in rural settings) are struggling in low-quality jobs that risk damaging their health, according to research.

In a report exposing the scale of precarious, low-paid or unfulfilling employment across the country, the Health Foundation said that as many as 36% of workers in Britain – about 10 million people – were in such a position.

The thinktank said young adults, minority groups and employees outside the south of England were most likely to be affected, using evidence from a survey of more than 40,000 people in the UK.

The analysis comes as employment levels have hit a record high and joblessness stands at the lowest point since the mid 1970s after a decade of gains in the labour market since the last recession.