More than 100,000 treated on ‘virtual wards’

Posted: March 13th 2023


The concept of virtual wards enabling people, particularly in a rural milieu to live independently at home for longer is really important and evidence of the success of the concept is profiled in this article.

More than 100,000 patients, including children, have been treated in so-called virtual wards over the last year, NHS officials have said.

Leading medics said that the use of the system to monitor patients at home has been a “real game changer”.

Officials say virtual wards can help patients avoid unnecessary hospital trips altogether, or enable them to be sent home from hospital sooner.

A virtual “ward round” can involve in-person visits or video consultations with clinicians from various specialities, who can provide a range of tests and treatments – including blood tests, prescribing medication or administering fluids through an intravenous drip.

The initiative is a key part of NHS plans to recover services after the pandemic – and the NHS eventually aims to have 50,000 people treated on virtual wards every month.