Matt Hancock asks MPs and Peers for Views on Adult Social Care Reform

Posted: March 11th 2020


In all this coronavirus crisis some of these long term challenges will end up falling out of sight. Well done to Matt Hancock for keeping this issue in focus. This report tells us:

Matt Hancock has written to MPs and peers, urging them to help secure a cross-party consensus on reform of the adult social care system, as the government commits to finding an answer to the ongoing problem.

In his letter, the health secretary says he is determined to find a sustainable solution to the problem of people being hit by large costs that are hard to plan for when their loved ones require social care.

“We know this will not be easy,” Hancock said in his letter. “The number of reports that have been published in recent years with different suggested approaches shows how difficult it is to reach agreement on the best way to reform the social care system.”

The government has committed to the principle that nobody should be forced to sell their home to pay for care, saying that everybody accessing care must have safety and security.

The letter sets out a two-step timeline for social care reform talks. The first phase began on Friday, calling for the views of MPs. The next steps will be structured talks in May on reform options. The letter says Hancock welcomed “all views, proposed solutions, and concerns about reforming the way people pay for adult social care”.

He added: “Any solution also needs to consider the financial impact on taxpayers as a whole, and the competing demands on taxpayers’ money from other public services.”