Herefordshire dad loses 10 stone dancing on TikTok

Posted: July 18th 2022


The very useful coming together of social media and public health make this article a great read! It tells us;

A dad who topped the scales at 30 stone (191kg) said dancing on TikTok helped him shed a third of his weight.

Adrian Scarlett, 52, said he always struggled with his weight but his young children gave him a "wake-up call".

The father-of-three has dropped more than 10 stone (64kg) through diet, determination and dancing on the platform under the name Bye Bye Fatman.

Mr Scarlett's videos have had millions of views and now he wants to help others lose weight too.

"I've had a binge-eating disorder throughout my adult life," he said.

"Any time I have been under stress, food has been the comfort."

Now weighing 18 stone, he is continuing his journey through diet and dancing

He said he "changed his mindset" after getting married and raising his children aged six, three and 20 months.

Mr Scarlett, a teacher at a school in Hereford, said meal replacement shakes helped him to shift the first few stones, which he continued with healthy eating and exercise.

"My children were my wake-up call," Mr Scarlett said.

He documented his journey through a number of dance videos to trending songs on TikTok using his @Bye_Bye_Fatman profile.

It has attracted about 52,000 followers and more than 3.1m likes.

"As the audiences increase, I am now held accountable by more and more people and it is impossible to fail because I have people watching me," he said.