Covid: How can missing five million be persuaded to have the jab?

Posted: September 27th 2021


I wonder what proportion of these vaccine deniers live in rural England…??? This story tells us:

The Covid debate has recently centred on whether teenagers should have the vaccine and when the most vulnerable will receive booster jabs. But a third group is of real concern among scientists and politicians - the five million or so adults yet to have a first dose.

"Amelia", 34, has had about four months to get a coronavirus vaccine but so far has quietly refused. She does not want her identity revealed, because she is worried she will receive abuse.

"I do feel guilty," Amelia says. "I never mention it to anyone, because I think they'll judge me or think I'm an anti-vaxxer. It does feel like I'm hiding from everyone.

"I am healthy and young and I don't like putting things in my body," she says, recalling refusing a flu jab when pregnant. "I was fine, so I guess I think it'll be the same with coronavirus.

"I know I should get a vaccine. I thought I had built up the courage to do it on a few occasions. But then I saw something on social media which scared me and I couldn't - I'm petrified."

The UK has administered more than 48 million first doses so far.

But attention is increasingly falling on those who haven't had it. Speculation has centred on which dancers on Strictly Come Dancing have so far not taken up the offer, as well as how many Premier League footballers are potentially unvaccinated.