Covid-19: UK test and trace ‘barely functional’ as 11 million face lockdown

Posted: September 21st 2020


All this reporting and isolating makes me think it is perhaps better to be based in a rural area in the context of the pandemic. I do remain however very concerned about what will happen is the pandemic takes hold in some isolated rural communities distant from the acute care people may need. This article replays the now familiar story of the challenges around test and trace it tells us:

The coronavirus test and trace system was condemned as “barely functional” today as its tsar admitted that demand was up to four times capacity, while 90% of tests were failing to hit the 24-hour turnaround target.

The Guardian has seen documents showing tracers taking up to two weeks to contact friends, relatives and workmates of people diagnosed with Covid-19 – the entire length of the self-isolation period.

It came as sources said Leeds and Lancashire were expected to face enhanced lockdown measures, bringing the number of people subject to restrictions to more than 11 million, including nearly 2 million in north-east England. Official figures confirmed a 75% increase in positive weekly cases across England last week.