Coronavirus: NHS volunteers to start receiving tasks

Posted: April 08th 2020


Coronavirus: NHS volunteers to start receiving tasks

This is great news. I just hope that whole process runs smoothly and supports rural and urban places alike, taking account of the additional challenges, driven by remoteness that a number of rural dweller face. The story tells us:

People who volunteered to support the NHS in England during the coronavirus crisis are being given details of what tasks they can do to help.

More than 750,000 people signed up to join the "volunteer army" - three times the government's original target - to help relieve pressure on the NHS.

They will support 2.5 million people who are considered at risk.

The volunteers may have to deliver food and medicines, drive patients to appointments and phone the isolated.

The process is being managed through a mobile app called GoodSam, where health professionals, pharmacists, and local authorities can upload requests for help from Tuesday.

Thousands of approved volunteers can then pick which tasks they want to complete in their local area.

Volunteers switch their app to "on duty" to show when they are available.

Due to the huge response, the group of vulnerable people they will support in England was expanded from 1.5 million to 2.5 million.