Member Benefits

Below is a list of member benefits and opportunities

Regional Seminars – the following seminars are scheduled and you just need to contact Jon Turner at to reserve a place. Each seminar is an opportunity to network with peers and runs from 11.30am – 3.00pm


  • 31 July – East of England Meeting; Rural Health and Well-Being – Bury St Edmunds
  • 24 September – South West Meeting: Place Based Approaches to Rural Health and Care – Nailsea
  • 7 October – North West Meeting: Delivering Local Services Differently – Preston
  • 12 November – East Midlands: Technology and Health - Lincoln
  • 9 December – Yorkshire and Humberside Meeting: Barriers to Access – Connectivity and Rural Transport – Location to be Confirmed


Future meetings are being planned. If you would like to suggest locations, themes or venues please contact:

Monthly Digest – this document is now up and running. It contains 5 summarised stories of interest around health and care themes per month. If you would like to use it as a vehicle to communicate key issues and themes with peers or contribute content please email:

Research – in partnership with Bishop Grosseteste University the National Centre for Rural Health and Care has now appointed a research associate. If you would like to proactively contact her please email her at:

Technology – The National Centre for Rural Health and Care has developed a relationship with the Academic Health Science Network. Our principal way into this network is through the office closest to us in the East Midlands. We are however happy to support connections with your nearest office. Please email: for more information. One outcome from our involvement has been the development of a rural innovation programme and you can review progress to date here.

Data/Insight – we are intending to convene a data group working with Public Health England to look at how more local and rural specific data can be collected and analysed. If you would like to be directly involved or just receive updates on progress please contact:

Workforce – we have just commissioned a second piece of research from Professor Anne Green at the University of Birmingham on workforce issues in the context of rural health and care. We have included your organization on the list to receive copies of the progress reports for this research and a full copy of the report when it is completed. Please do feel free to comment on the research as it progresses. The most recent session of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Rural Health and Care also covered workforce themes and you can access details of the meeting here. We have identified that this is a key theme for your organization and will pro-actively send you additional information about or workforce activities as they unfold.

Steering Group – we can arrange for members to receive copies of the National Centre for Rural Health and Care Steering Group papers. The next meeting of the Steering Group is scheduled for 23 December 2019. You are also welcome to join the Steering Group as an observer remotely (via zoom) and if you would like to do this please email: .We will also send you condensed copies of the minutes from the CIC Board Meetings. The next two scheduled dates for the Board Meeting are: 21 October 2019 and 23 December 2019.

APPG in Rural Health and Care and Parliamentary Inquiry – Key dates to note which have been set so far are as follows:

  1. What are the education and training challenges and opportunities? Should rural experience be a mandatory part of training? Should we train more specialist generalists, like physician associates? Should Royal Colleges collaborate on cross specialist training? Should more medical schools be established in rural areas? – 9 September 2019
  2. Are there structural challenges fitting current delivery models into a rural setting with different needs? Can/should the Northumbria model and/or Torbay coastal models be replicated? Will “stretching” existing models be enough? How should regulatory reporting be adjusted? How can budget and reporting line barriers be overcome? – 14 November 2019
  3. What are the technology opportunities and challenges? What role should technology play in medical service delivery, diagnosis and treatment? What role could it play in social care and urgent and emergency care? Could its communication attributes be more innovatively used in public health? – Date to be agreed
  4. What are the Integration opportunities and threats? How can service delivery be integrated to maximise care and treatment over distance, and across multiple co-morbidities? What part should families and communities play? How can the voluntary sector be better integrated into primary and secondary care? – Date to be agreed
  5. Coast? What are the distinctive challenges facing the delivery of health and care in coastal settings? How do these differ from other settings? What distinctive actions might be taken to address these challenges? – Date to agreed

If you would like to contribute directly to any of these sessions or attend them in person (at the Palace of Westminster) please contact:

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