Director of Operations Ivan Annibal

Ivan is Managing Director of Rose Regeneration. He developed the company 10 years ago, following 15 years in public service in Lincolnshire, working with West Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire Training and Enterprise Council and Lincolnshire County Council. Subsequently he has undertaken consultancy commissions in all 9 local authority areas in Greater Lincolnshire.

During an extensive career working at a UK-wide level with a particular interest in rural and coastal settlements he has created a number of on-going legacies including the groundwork to develop both Urban Challenge and the nationally focused Coastal Communities Alliance.

Ivan writes ‘Hinterland’, a weekly review of key news items for the Rural Services Network, and organises an annual seminar programme.

Ivan is chair of trustees at Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire. He is a Senior Visiting Fellow at Lincoln International Business School, a Visiting Fellow at Nottingham Business School, and is on the Editorial Board of the Journal ‘Local Economy’.

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